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Spacestation Investments is an angel investment group launched at the Spacestation in Utah. We bring an army of investors, brand experts, community builders, and influencers to our portfolio companies… and take them to the moon! In 2019, The Spacestation first invested in the cereal brand Magic Spoon and Spacestation Investments took flight. Jump forward to present day, and we’ve invested in over 70 companies.

We reach across all industries and stages. As strategic investors, the Spacestation is uniquely positioned to provide the most value to consumer product brands, e-commerce technology, web3 and companies looking to infuse strategic capital into their business.

The Spacestation is a crew of creators, gamers, and builders that has become an incubator for opportunity. We bring decades of experience in Influencer Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Content Management, SEO and Paid Ad Strategy, CPG Retail Strategy, Brand Development, and most importantly, Community Building.

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Influencer Marketing

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Million views per month

We don’t just talk the talk, though. Our teams have the cred to prove our claims. Our two Youtube channels, Shonduras and A for Adley, bring in over 250 million views a month and have a dedicated, die hard community supporting them. We built our own influencer marketing agency called Spacestation Integrations, which partners with some of the most exciting brands and creators out there. Spacestation Gaming is our esports organization and has won championships in the hottest esports leagues around, including Rocket League, Halo Infinite, and Rainbow 6 Siege.

On the retail side of things, Spacestation CPG is our in-house anti-broker that helps food and beverage brands get in stores and fly off shelves. Finally, in a partnership with our own animation studio, Spacestation Animation, we’re diving into the crypto space with Quarter Machine; a company specializing in NFTs and Web3 community building, to take us and our partners into the future. We love working with brands that are breaking new ground and paving a path into the future. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

Spacestation Investments is an angel investment group launched at the Spacestation in Layton, Utah. We bring our proven expertise in influencer marketing as the key strategic value to portfolio companies alongside our community-building expertise and investment network.

Spacestation Investments was launched from The Spacestation in mid-2019 when Chris Bennett invited Spacestation co-founders Shonduras and Holladay to invest in a little company called Magic Spoon. The Spacestation Investments team worked hard to help Magic Spoon with influencer marketing alongside our internal Spacestation Integrations team, and it was a massive success. Magic Spoon invited Spacestation to reinvest, but the valuation was much higher. Tim Holladay (yes, Holladay’s older brother) was brought on to help close the second Magic Spoon deal and syndicated the deal with The Spacestation Club.

Magic Spoon’s success pushed Tim and the team to find more great companies. Soon Olipop, Koia Oats Overnight, Behave, Slate Milk, Rind, and others were added to the portfolio. We also invested in B2B SaaS Shopify e-commerce platforms like Via, Malomo, and EcoCart and health and fitness companies like Oura Ring, Vessel, and Wave Neurological as well.

Recently the group has pushed into crypto with an investment in Kraken and DefiQ. Research, discovery, due diligence, and closes continued rapidly, and at the 52-week mark, the team had invested in 52 companies!

Ready to jump on this rocket as a founder or investor? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us at tim@spacestation.com

Founder Quotes

“Spacestation Investments joined our journey early and has added incredible value by seeding Magic Spoon to social creators, helping with influencer marketing, and bringing world-class investors to our cap table. And the best part — they’re great people to work with!”

Gabi Lewis, Magic Spoon

“Our last $100M round included top VCs and investors. Spacestation Investments not only brought capital but also over 100M followers from their syndicate investors. This reach will become material in Oura’s next growth phase.”

Harpreet Rai, Oura Ring

"Could there be a better partner? Spacestation is forward thinking, fast, flexible, hands off, and riddled with amazing connectivity. They’re one of the best investors on our cap table.”

Jesse Randall, Sweater VC

“The Spacestation crew doesn’t just like investing in brands, they like helping to build them. They’re great partners!”

Manny Lubin, Slate Milk

“We’re thrilled to have The Spacestation team as partners in our business. They think differently and are some of the most creative minds out there.”

Ben Cohn, Rind

"I wish I could bring the entire team to every pitch meeting we have. They are founder ambassadors, forward thinking, and honestly believe in the companies they fund."

Patrick Triato, Goodwell

Contact us

Contact us

Ready to jump on this rocket ship as a founder or investor? We’d love to hear from you.

Ready to jump on this rocket as a founder or investor? We’d love to hear from you.


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